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Translation of Public Documents

If documents in a foreign language are submitted to a public authority, translations with a stamp and certification (certified translations) by a sworn translator are often required. The preparation of such translations of public documents is part of the services offered here. Customers placing an order for a certified translation should take note of the following:

  • Either the original or a certified copy of the document has to be presented to the translator or sent to him by registered letter so he can have a look at it. This is because a translator preparing a translation of a public document has to state in which form the source text was presented to him. This should be done in the manner prescribed by the authority requiring a certified translation.

  • As a general rule, names of persons in translations of public documents from Russian to German are transliterated in accordance with international standard ISO 9:1995. More

  • Attesting signatures or making certified copies of the customer’s original documents is not the sworn translator’s responsibility. This is done by a notary. In Germany, certified copies may also be obtained from public authorities having a seal, for example residents’ registration offices. In contrast, a sworn translator certifies that the translation is accurate and complete. What this means is that, among other things, he has to indicate all stamps and signatures as well as any conspicuous features the source text may contain such as deletions in the target text, that is, a certified translation may be longer and more expensive than would be the case without a certification.

TIP: If only a certain part of the document is of relevance to the public authority requiring a translation, it may be a good idea for the customer to order a certified translation of excerpts from the document and thus to save costs.

For more information on translations of public documents go to the Frequently Asked Questions section.